Armenia: Handmade carpets are big in Armenia. These are displayed in the big open market in Yerevan.

Armenia: Baking lavash. These days lavash is available in American supermarkets. It’s the very thin wrap bread baked in large sheets folded up and sold in square packages. Here’s how it’s baked in Armenia: The very thin dough is stretched out over a type of cushioned pad, and then slapped against the side of a pit-oven that has a fire and ashes on the bottom. It’s very hot! The bread is baked in moments, and there’s nothing better than tasting it straight out of the oven.

Ghana, West Africa: Adventures come in all sorts. We thoroughly enjoyed being part of a British “pantomime” which is a humorous stage play incorporating and mixing up pieces of old fairy tales, nursery rhymes and so on, and then adding local color. Audience participation is a must. In case you didn’t recognize the animal above, it’s Daisy the Cow, and I’m the front end and my husband is the back end. We had to dance and sway while the audience sang, “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I’m half crazy . . . ”

Palestine: This is a view from our living room window of our apartment in Ramallah. The white stuff on the roof tops? Snow!

Holland, or rather The Netherlands: When visiting my family in the small town of my birth, I love walking around town on a Saturday morning. The open market has wonderful stuff for sale: flowers, all sorts of interesting cheeses, and excellent bakery goods. The ambience is cheery with old fashioned songs being played by the street organ. It’s not just for tourists: We all love it.

Ghana, West Africa: My favorite coconut palm beach, empty most of the time except Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We spent many hours here just lounging around reading and drinking tropical drinks. Sometimes we bestirred ourselves and played in the surf or went on long walks. At night we’d eat grilled lobster and shrimp, and had the beach to ourselves.