A small Italian town sounded like the perfect place to escape to for the summer. But, after a series of mishaps, Charli finds herself stranded with nowhere to go, until gorgeous Massimo Castellini offers her a room in his luxurious villa.


Kim wants adventure and artistic inspiration and she manages to convince sexy Sam Rasheed to take her with him to exotic Java, where he is setting up a new company. He “hires” her as his wife to help him find a house and get settled in. Soon Kim finds herself head over heels in love with Sam, but loving him is not as easy as it should be. When disaster strikes, only her total trust will teach him how to open his heart to her.

Tale of Adventure

I Should Have Just Stayed Home is a collection of adventurous stories written by many different authors. I am happy my story is one of them.


Camping in the game parks of Uganda — what could be more exciting? How about a bush jail? Stupid and ignorant, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time when a drunk policeman took an interest in us.


Stressed-out and over-worked to make ends meet, Samantha has no time for romance. Then David invades her house, her life, her peace of mind. He tempts her with music, with love and laughter, stirring up in her long-buried yearnings and desires. But Samantha knows there is no future for them: He’s wealthy, cosmopolitan and on his way out of the country once again.

Then one terrible day she discovers his secret and together they find a way to have a future together.


Tall, dark and rugged is not typical of the average guest at Christina’s small romantic inn. In fact, nothing about Jack Millard is typical. He is completely infuriating. The man turns up looking as if he just walked off a construction site, says he’s a junk dealer and then turns out to be a millionaire! And he doesn’t seem to comprehend that Christina has no intention of getting involved with a man again ever – no matter how tempting the offer.

Having been robbed once of her self-esteem by another man, she has vowed never to let it happen again. She has her inn, her hard-earned independence and she does not need a man.

But what Christina doesn’t know or understand, is the power of true love.

Rhapsody in Bloom
Silhouette Romance
writing as Mona van Wieren

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